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Galvanizer  is the creative brainchild of guitarist & band leader John Cabán. 

A melting pot of psychedelic rock, funk, blues, surf, dub & outer worldly influences, that gets your groove shaking and mind swirling.

John Cabán - guitars, vocals & atmosphere

Kai Cabán - bass

Joe "Jopey" Fitzpatrick - drums & cowbell

Past player Brethren:

Donny Hayward - bass

J.J. O'Connell - drums & vocals

Doug Raneri - drums

Lincoln Hubley - drums

Dave Hayes - bass

Joe Boyle - guitar


Ben Zwerin - bass

Anthony Pinciotti - drums

Bennett Paster - keyboards


Galvanizer  has a grooving dynamic interplay with a writing style that
brings to mind elements of late 60's power trio psychedelia,
70's NOLA funk, deep blues, soul and rockin' surf tossed with a healthy
dose of 21st-century cosmic grease... AKA PsycheDublic Funk.


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